Monday, December 21, 2009

Modern . . . Title--Chosen!

Well, it was another successful title contest last week. Though only three of you left ideas, they were so great that it got my juices flowing. I had planned on selecting some finalists and voting, but I instead came up with one I really like, so I'm going to divide the spoils among you three lovely contributors.

So, here's what it comes down to. Given that it's a romantic suspense, I need something strong and punchy. Something to capture the black market aspects as well as how the hero steals the heroine's heart--and trust--with the first glance. So here's what I came up with: (drumroll please . . .)


Apparently titling experts are big fans of single-word titles, so I'm really pleased with this. When I was reading through Sandi's suggestions and got to the ones with "seized" in it, it just jumped out at me.

I also had a great time writing said book this weekend, after getting to know my hero a little better. And discovered it's really cool to sit around the living room with my laptop while my hubby rereads Stray Drop and the kids frolic under the Christmas tree. Felt so cozy! =)

Hope everyone has a fabulous Christmas week!

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