Friday, December 4, 2009

Character Spotlight -- Jason

From A Stray Drop of Blood


Jason Visibullis was born to a Roman father and Hebrew mother, and for most of his life he was not accepted by either side. After six years in Rome, studying and learning the craft of a warrior, he finds a place for himself in the military, many friends, and considers himself fully Roman.

When Jason returns to Jerusalem to serve under his father as a centurion, he is certain he will have no problem respecting his mother’s religion without letting it bother him. And though he has some definite frustration with the customs and traditions, the longer he is back in his father’s house, the more he begins to value the heritage his parents both embrace.

Jason is charming, sure of himself, and still has a streak of insolence. He is the glue that binds his group of friends together. He is handsome and strong, not the tallest of his friends, but not the shortest. He enjoys a riveting discussion on philosophy, so long as he emerges the victor of the rhetoric.

Though it takes him a while to admit it, he has a heart deeper than he had ever supposed.
“A boy had the right to leave home and find his way in the world, but a man . . . a man had to focus on deeper matters. Family. Faith.”

I’ve recently been seeing previews for a new USA show called White Collar, starring Matthew Bomer, and I thought, “He could surely be one of my characters!” He's too cute to be anything but a lead, so here he is--Jason! =)


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