Friday, December 11, 2009

Character Spotlight -- Andrew

From A Stray Drop of Blood


Having come to the Visibullis house as a boy, Andrew has chosen to serve them for life and is now Cleopas’s trusted manservant, beside him both on the battlefield and in his home. He is dedicated, loyal, and possesses the strength necessary to defend his master.

Andrew is the first to admit that where he excels on the field of war, he suffers in academics. He has been trying (halfheartedly) for years to learn Latin, first under Cleopas’s tutelage, and then Abigail’s. Mostly, he simply enjoys the lessons as time to spend with his friend. He considers it his duty to cajole Abigail into smiles and laughter and takes his greatest delight from that success. When stories of Jesus begin to circulate through the house, he shares them only to seek other opinions on them, seemingly willing to trust whatever decisions the others come to.

He is in many ways an understanding man, willing to forgive much of those he loves. But when it comes to those he doesn’t like, he clings stubbornly to enmity. With Jason, for instance, he has never gotten along, and he resents the fact that, unlike his master, his master’s son treats him like the lowest of scum.

Andrew would generally be seen in the shorter tunic of a slave, with an earring winking at his ear to proclaim his allegiance to Cleopas.

When trying to decide who to cast for these roles, I remembered one of my favorite recurring characters from NCIS. Rudolph Martin played a villain on that, but a cute and charming one. When he grins (a picture of which I could not find, LOL) he has the boyish charm of Andrew, though he usually looks more serious.


  1. It's a good thing I'm so much in love with my hubby!!!! Lv the pic of Andrew. Sigh