Friday, November 27, 2009

Character Spotlight -- Ester

From A Stray Drop of Blood


Ester Visibullis has been an outcast ever since she married her Roman husband. Her father was a high priest of the synagogue, and he cast her off when Cleopas entered her life. Though she swiftly fell in love with her husband, his friends never welcomed her, not until a year after Abigail joins their home, when the general’s new wife arrives from Rome and becomes her friend.

Of a nervous disposition, Ester paces and fidgets whenever something is bothering her and will often have a cup of camomile at hand to try to soothe her frayed nerves. She is a woman of deep heart, one who only wants the best for those she loves, though she rarely presumes to know what that “best” might be.

In spite of all she suffered at the hands of her father, Ester is still held by the lessons he taught her, his way of interpreting the Law and the Prophets. Though her husband is hopeful for a messiah, she is uncertain the Scriptures can be interpreted to promise one.

Having spent so many years with only her home as her world, Ester is always uncertain when meeting new people and unsure how to impress.

Abigail quickly learned how to reassure her mistress.
“What they will see is a woman of great beauty. And they will be pleased to see you trying to show how pleasing you are to be seen with.”

Though Ester is the mother of a grown son, she’d still be quite young by our definition, and still very beautiful. Connie Nielsen would make an excellent Ester.


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