Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thoughtful About . . . A Toddler's Focus

The deeper I get into the toddler years with my second child, the more I gotta wonder. I mean, really. How is it that this kid can't sit still for a diaper change, but he can spend an HOUR playing in my silverware drawer? Why will he not let me eat my dinner without a scream to get out of his highchair halfway through, but he'll diligently try to put a key into a (wrong) keyhole for twenty minutes? And how about the fact that he can never find his cup, but he'll locate every penny for a mile around?

In some ways, the focus of a toddler really amazes me. What is so intriguing about the sound of spoons clanking together? What is the allure of taking every can out of my cupboard? How can he get so many wipes out of the pack in the three seconds I turn my back?

On the whole, I'm really impressed with these little people I have. My daughter has an inspiring imagination and takes really good care of her brother (when she isn't bopping him on the head), and the little guy's getting to that age where he progresses in leaps and bounds. For instance, he hadn't put two words together (not counting phrases that he probably mistakes for a one word, like "good job" and "thank you") until yesterday. Then he followed up "Hi, Papa" with "brush teeth" and "no cookie." (Although that last one . . . hm. Maybe this boy needs help. Turning down a cookie??)

I really like how they show us things about ourselves. I may growl at the dual-focus thing since he never seems to focus on what needs to be done, but am I any different? I could spend hours in front of my computer writing or editing or checking email, but my attention span is amazingly short when it comes time to clean, cook, or listen to my husband talk about cars. Or insurance. Or the economy. LOL.

Pretty smart of God to provide us with cute little mirrors, isn't it?

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  1. Speaking of cute little mirrors, McKenna is SO bossy and inflexible sometimes, and I know exactly who she gets that from. It's helped motivate me to work on those flaws, because it looks like she'll need some coaching on that as well!