Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Story Time . . . FOOLS RUSH IN by Janice Thompson

I'd been wanting to read one of Janice Thompson's novels (I read one she co-authored a few years ago), so when Revell sent me a review copy of Fools Rush In it promptly went to my to-be-read stack instead of my give-it-to-another-reviewer stack. The blurb made it sound hilarious, and I couldn't wait to dig into this story about a Tex-Italian wedding planner who's in over her head with a boot-scootin' wedding, given that she knows nothing about country-western stuff.

What I've found is a book that gets me where I least expect it. There are a few lines that had me chuckling, but also a few gags that I rolled my eyes over. Until something super-funny came of them later in the story, which then had me breathing a laugh. My husband asked me what was so funny, so I started to explain the whole gag to him, which took it from eye-rolling to hilarious. Ever have that happen? When you're suspending disbelief while in the pages of a book, something's silly or a little funny, but then when you try to put it into verbal words, you see how truly hilarious (and ridiculous) it is? We spent quite a few minutes rolling over one of these.

The premise is that Bella Rossi, whose family is a transplant from first Italy, then New Jersey, just took over the reins of a wedding planning business in Galveston, Texas, and she has the brilliant idea to offer themed weddings. But the first theme is Boot-Scootin', and she's got no clue. And music? Her brother, the usual deejay, is off to Houston, in love, and knows nothing about country music anyway. Thankfully, the Lord drops a cowboy-deejay in her lap . . . only, he drops a knock-her-down-in-a-dead-faint (literally) surprise along with him.

This is a great story, full of fun and love and faith. I have a couple chapters left (had to go to bed rather than finishing it off last night, thanks to a little tummy bug), but will gleefully finish it today. There are a few places where it feels like the author lapses into telling, rather than showing me what's going on, but it's usually when a character is rambling, so that may be kindness on Janice's part, LOL. Overall, I'm really enjoying this read. My favorite part is the family dynamics (and feuds). There's nothing like a great Italian clan, and this bunch will keep you grinning.

Now if only I can figure out how I ended up with THREE copies of this book . . . =)


  1. Thanks so much, Roseanna. I'm glad you're having fun with the story. I think the folks at Revell thought you'd been overlooked, so they resent a copy. Not sure how it ended up being three, though. :) Maybe you could give two away!

  2. LOL. Already got one spare copy taken care of, and I'll put the other in my pile for contests. =) I think part of it is that I volunteered to be an influencer for you without realizing it was a Revell book--Revell always sends me all their titles for review anyway. So that's two. Must have been something like that to account for the third. Luckily, I love the book! Finished it last night. So I've got no problem recommending those extras to my friends. =)