Friday, October 16, 2009

My Friend . . . Trish Perry

There are a lot of books that give me a chuckle. Sometimes a good chuckle. It's a rare piece of fiction that makes me literally laugh out loud enough to get my husband's attention. But when I first got Trish Perry's The Guy I'm Not Dating in the mail, I was laughing so much with the first four pages that my husband demanded, "What is so funny?"

I totally fell in love with Trish's first book, and when I emailed her with my review, I quickly saw that the fabulous book's author was just as fabulous as her book. We emailed a few times, she participated in a few promotional games that I ran, and she was one of the first authors I worked closely with through the Christian Review of Books. The result? An author I get a real kick out of calling my friend.

Trish has a sense of humor that will keep you in stitches, and it's combined with a giving spirit and a healthy dose of sweetness. We've emailed quite a bit over the years, and I always get a big smile on my face when I get a message from her.

When her second book came out, Too Good to Be True, I was ecstatic because (a) I couldn't wait to read it and (b) my review of her first book was on the "praise page." I had been so looking forward to the arrival of this book (just ask the publicist at Harvest House, who got a couple emails from me checking on its progress) that when it arrived, my indulgent hubby burst into the bathroom to show it to me while I was in the shower. I let out a squeal that came dangerously close to waking up the sleeping baby.

I checked in with Trish after reading it and asked about her future projects. I was thrilled for her when she told me that the publisher asked her to write books for their popular Beach House series. Her second two books took place at this quirky and fun location, the first with characters from the chick lit Guy and True, the second with a whole new cast. I loved how she transitioned from one genre to the other, preserving her voice while offering the reader something new.

I can't wait to see what Trish Perry has in store for us next. After meeting her at the '07 ACFW conference and e-laughing with her for years now, I know she's an author with a lot of great stories to keep me roaring in the future.

As usual, click on the book pics for my reviews. (I received all of these as complementary review copies from the publisher.)


  1. I have GOT to read something by Trish Perry. I've had tons of people recommend her.

  2. Roseanna! I just got home from several days of running all over the state researching colleges with my son. What a nice blog post to come home to! I really appreciate your friendship and the kind words you posted above (and elsewhere). I should mention that I happen to be giving away my most current book (Sunset Beach) over on my site this week!

    And I've just started working on another new series--the first book won't come out until 2011, but I'm already falling in love with the characters and the setting. I'll make sure you get a copy to review!

    I hope to see you at next year's ACFW conference. Many blessings,