Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thoughtful About . . . My Family

Yesterday a couple things happened. Though I spent my free-time de-adverbing Yesterday's Tides so that it can go out to the editors who requested it today (I'm addicted to adverbs, I swear), I spent the rest of my day with family.

For starters, my awesome and gorgeous cousin Andrea came to visit in the morning. We were always close as kids, though we saw each other only twice a year or so, but it's been approximately forever since we've seen each other. So it was very cool to hug her again, and she now has a daughter who's two, so the kids could all play together. Or play in the same room anyway, lol.

I also received the first solid proof that Rowyn, a.k.a. Mr. Independence, did indeed miss me while I was gone. He didn't seem fazed when I left him at my mom's for an hour on Tuesday to take Xoe to Story Time, and he hasn't been extra-clingy or anything since I got back. But yesterday afternoon I needed to run to the market and he was still napping. So David stayed home with him, and I took Xoe with me. When we got home, he was up and looked thrilled to see me walk through the door. He sat on my lap for, like, an hour. Followed me everywhere I went. Kept giving me hugs and kisses.

Not. Normal. Wonderful, but not normal. And it occurred to me that the last time he woke up and Mama wasn't here, I'd been gone for days. So it was great to see his gladness that this was NOT the case this time.

And for the record, after about a millennium of editing, I did indeed get the adverbs cut down in my manuscript, and it should be winging its way across email to various editors' inboxes today. So anyone with a prayer to spare, feel free to apply it to that! And now, let the waiting begin . . .

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  1. Aww about Rowyn. It's tough because you don't want them to be miserable while you're gone, but you want to feel like they at least missed you a little bit...