Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Story Time Twists

My reading time has all but disappeared in the last couple weeks, so rather than delve into the shelves of books I've already read for a blog topic, I figure I'll talk about stories in general today.

I'll credit my husband for inspiring this particular topic. Last night we were watching House and he said something like, "Okay, so it's not disease A. What presents as disease A but isn't?" Then he growled and said, "See, this is the thing about this show. I have no clue about this stuff, so I can't answer the questions, but it's still fun."

You must keep in mind that this is the same man who will watch NCIS with his eye on the clock. By 8:30 he will take account of all the characters we've seen thus far and come up with his whodunit. Let it be noted that 95% of the time he's right . . . even if he's not sure why until a twist bring it all to light.

See, for my honey, it's all about the problem solving. Figuring it out. Me, I just like to watch and wonder and wait. That's the fun of a good TV show for me--sitting back and letting it come.

I'm slightly more proactive when reading, though I think it's not necessarily that I try to figure it out--more that I understand book plots enough to be able to. But boy do I love those unexpected twists. I just had one of those in The Familiar Stranger last night (which I hadn't quite finished when I blogged about it last week). One of those "Wow. Didn't see that one coming" thing. I love those. I love that shock, that gasp, and then the following "Oh . . . that's why that thing was in there earlier!"

I think we all love a good twist. I also think our personalities emerge as we see them, just as they do when we get one in life. My hubby's the type to want to figure out whatever gets thrown at him, to make sense of it and use it. I'm the type to wait and see what happens.

Gotta love when our dealings with fiction teaches us about ourselves!

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  1. I'm like the total opposite of David. I NEVER see anything coming, so I'm always shocked :)