Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thoughtful . . . On the Moon

My daughter has this thing. Instead of, you know, looking to see where I am, she'll call out, "Mommy! Where are you?"

Now, usually I'm about two feet away, just behind her. So I'm obligated to give a silly answer, right? I mean, I can't just say, "Right here." That's way too obvious for someone with my caliber of wit (ha. ha ha ha.). So I've taken to saying, "On the moon."

Depending on her mood, she might ignore me, she might laugh, she might insist, "No, you're not!" she might then pretend that the woman in the living room is someone else and talk about her mommy, who is currently on the moon . . . or she might pretend like she's on the moon with me.

That's the most fun--to see the imagination come to life in my toddler. I'm constantly amazed by her recall and the things she'll put together. And I get a little flutter in my heart when she tells me she's going to write books someday too. Yeah, she's only three--chances are pretty darn good her goals will change a few times, lol. But still.

Yesterday she sat down at my computer, asked me to give her a blank page, and just sat there typing. Most of it looked like this:

asdfahghasduoijangaehrlausdfoivasrueioransdghosdb8ibf fsiorutawlktj

With the occasional "xoe" thrown in. =) But it was so cool for me, because my little girl's sitting there trying to do what I do, saying as she does it that she's writing it for me.

It's those little things that make it all worthwhile. That get my imagination going. Because you just never know what you might discover when you're on the moon with your little girl.


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